Backpacks of food and hope provided through Hunger Offering

FREEPORT - Most children look forward to 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, signaling the end of school and beginning of the weekend. There are roughly 65 hours between Friday afternoon and Monday morning when school starts again. Many kids delight in these hours, but for children who do not have food at home, the hours can be long and hard. While many schools have feeding programs for breakfast and lunch for students in need, the weekends can be a time when food is scarce.

Operation Backpack, supported through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, seeks to step in and provide homeless and chronically hungry students in the Freeport and Jones Creek areas with much needed food for the weekend through True to Life Ministries (TTLM).

TTLM works with individuals and organizations to gather donated food and supplies. Volunteers use these items to fill backpacks distributed to qualifying students at the end of each week.

Last school year, over 300 students were classified as homeless within Brazosport ISD and many more are chronically hungry.

backpacks1This ministry impacted a family of five, including two school-aged children, who found themselves suddenly homeless after the mother lost her job. When TTLM found out about the family, volunteers sprang into action and quickly assembled a backpack of food to deliver to the local motel where they were staying. The backpack provided nourishment, but it was also a vehicle of hope and encouragement, showing the family they were not alone and that people noticed and cared about them.

At TTLM, the mission is to cultivate hope and introduce people to true life in Christ. They seek to communicate the gospel, engage the community in making a difference, and focus on strategies that transform families.

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering helps support 180 ministries just like this one around the world that are working to end the cycle of hunger and poverty experienced by so many. This year, in honor of mom's, churches are holding a special offering on Mother's Day to support the offering. So this May 11th, let's not simply pass the plate in church - let's fill it. Please consider holding a special offering in your church on Mother's Day.

Why? Because every mother's child needs a meal.

For more information on the Mother's Day Hunger Offering, click here.


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