Christian Life Commission adopts statement on Islamic state and religious persecution

The Christian Life Commission (CLC) has adopted a statement on the Islamic state and religious persecution, inviting leaders to continue protective efforts and encouraging churches to pray.

The terror group ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has been coercing people to choose between fleeing their homes and living in fear of oppression that can ultimately lead to death. Media reports have recorded brutal persecution of many individuals living in Syria and Iraq, including Christians, since early June 2014.

CLC Commissioners are monitoring situations of religious persecution around the world. The CLC deals with ethical and public policy issues, giving voice to critical issues in society from a Christian and biblical perspective.

"The CLC continues its commitment to speak for those not able to speak for themselves," said Gus Reyes, director of the CLC. "The statement is a great example of how commissioners express care and concern for the persecuted church."

They approved the following resolution Monday, Sept. 29, at the Baptist General Convention of Texas bi-annual Executive Board meeting in Dallas:

"The members of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission are heartbroken as we watch the evil actions and brutal oppression by the Islamic State destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from many religious and ethnic minority groups, including our brothers and sisters in Christ.

"We call on our national leaders and the international community to continue efforts to protect the lives of these innocent victims, many of whom are being targeted for their religious beliefs.

"We ask our churches to pray for peace in Syria and Iraq, an end to the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, including our brothers and sisters in Christ, and wisdom for our national and international leaders as they work to end this humanitarian crisis."

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