Discovering surrender

By: Allyson Buchanan, a student at Midwestern State University

When God speaks to His children, He speaks in mighty ways, and this was especially apparent this past weekend at the Go Now Missions Discovery Weekend. Go Now Missions is an organization that helps university students in Texas be placed on many unique mission trips during the summer or an academic semester. The heart of Go Now was expressed clearly in the way that they cared for, prayed for, and loved students around the state of Texas as they adamantly sought God’s guidance and purpose for their lives and the callings placed on their hearts.

Go Now Missions’ Discovery Weekend challenged students to continually be in complete surrender to the Lord through the worship performed by David and Miranda Hall, Ben Hanna’s message, and the comforting presence of the prayer team. The theme verse for the weekend was John 17:3, “And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

This verse served as a reminder to students that every follower of Jesus Christ is called to missions, whether that is overseas, to a different state, or simply the neighbor across the street. Go Now encouraged personal time with the Lord, sharing your heart and fears with the prayer team and other GoNow staff, and fully surrendering to the Lord in all areas of your life, especially for this summer.

My personal experience at Go Now was a beautiful reminder from God on who He has called me to be. For the past few months, the Enemy has been using lies to have me believe that who I am is both too much and not enough; that I cannot fully be who I am and the person that God has called me to be. In order to combat this lie, God placed me in Group 17.

Group 17 was led by Brittney Williams and Franky Lizardo, and included some amazing students with beautiful hearts for the Lord. Our group grew close quickly, and through that, God began to show me how He molded me to be a beautiful creation, that His work is not too much or not enough, it is perfectly made.

Through Discovery Weekend, the Lord also tested my trust in Him. Prior to the weekend, I had been struggling with this particular facet of my relationship with the Lord. I was not trusting that He would take care of me, fulfill the desires of my heart, and that He had placed me in the right areas of my life.

However, during the weekend, the Lord repeatedly spoke truth to my heart, reminding me that He takes care of me whether I allow Him to or not, and that He molded my heart, therefore He knows my desires better than I do. This was manifested through the mission fair that took place on Saturday afternoon.

Walking around all the tables, I began to feel overwhelmed and anxious about choosing the right place to go this summer. After stepping away from the fair, I found myself walking toward the prayer rooms. I walked toward a member of the prayer team staff, and just asked her for prayer from feeling overwhelmed and the burden of having to make the right decision. While praying for me, the Lord spoke through her words of peace that brought me to tears as I was reminded of how God takes care of His children.

Afterwards, she gave me some beautiful words of encouragement: “The Lord will not take you anywhere that He can’t take care of you.” These simple words rocked my world, and challenged my heart to fully surrender to the calling that God had placed on my life, and to trust in Him in all things.

Discovery Weekend was an incredible experience filled with encouragement, amazing examples of servant-hearted individuals, and a reminder to rest and abide in the one true God. I am excited to see where the Lord will place me this summer to serve through this organization, and I will remember the words of Ben Hanna, “Wherever Jesus calls you will be an adventure.”

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