Down to get a free snow cone

At Texas A&M University-Kingsville, our BSM has been blessed with close relationships between our staff and the University's personnel responsible for all freshman orientations, welcome week and student affairs. Because of this friendship, we have been given the opportunity to serve the incoming freshman week after week while they are in town for two days going through orientation.

Each night that we are at freshman orientation, we have the privilege of serving snow cones, ice cream or coke floats to 100-200 students, and we are the only student organization to do so.

With this, we are able to connect with many students and establish relationships that will carry over into the fall semester.

During one of the orientations, I met Edward. Edward is the youngest brother of one of our student leaders. He is the typical freshman that you would expect to meet, goes with the flow, doesn't care to be at the orientation but was down to get a free snow cone.

His sister warned, "He doesn't really believe in God, he says its all stupid".

As he got his snow cone, we talked about college, what to expect, what to look out for and I shared my college experience and how it all drastically changed when Christ got a hold of me.

He was quite intrigued by my story of my faith in Christ and how he used the BSM and the community we had to reach me and heal me of my past. What was supposed to be a two-day orientation turned into a two-week stay in Kingsville with his sister.

Throughout the two weeks he was here, he was involved. He helped with our next freshman orientation, showed up to bible study, prayed with us and even went to church. In this short time, Edward, who is not a believer, was serving with us, showing up to VBS to help the kids and was asking questions of faith.

Through this time, he was also telling his friends who were at freshman orientation to stop by the BSM booth during the organization fair to get to know some of the "BSM Bro's", and they did. Because of him sharing what he experienced, we were able to have lunch and even catch a movie with four of his friends.

Although Edward did not give his life to Christ in these few weeks, he loved the community he became a part of and is asking questions about attending FOCUS with us during the fall and looking forward to the student services we host weekly.

This summer has shown me as a CMI, that now more than ever, we should engage, connect, and share Christ. Meeting the needs of our incoming students has been at the forefront of what we do, and God is proving to be faithful as we continue to seek his guidance for the upcoming semester.

By Israel Mendez, Go Now Missions Campus Ministry Intern at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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