Engage 24 stories from around the state

Engage 24, an intentional one-day emphasis on evangelism, was held this year on October 14. Texas BSMs found unique ways to embrace the emphasis on their campuses, some making it a week-long event and others choosing more than one day to reach their campus.

The goal behind Engage 24 is to empower students to get on their campuses and in their communities and start Gospel-centered conversations. Below are stories from BSMs across the state about the impact of the intentional outreach.

Texas A&M University

At Texas A&M University, the BSM students hosted a Midnight Pancake Breakfast, serving 2,300 pancakes between midnight and 3:15 a.m.

Allison is one of our students who engaged Nick in a conversation for over two hours. Nick was walking back to his private dorm behind Northgate. He saw the pancakes and stopped in. While Nick had some church background, he has been very disengaged from church and any type of spiritual involvement. Allison was able to listen to Nick well, and also share with him. She invited him to bible study on Thursday nights. Nick has joined a Journey group and has come the past two weeks. We are praying that God will continue working in his life. – Joel Bratcher, BSM Director

Texas Tech University

Students became involved in learning how to share their faith and had opportunities to practice it. Our large group Bible study on Wednesday night was the largest we have had in several years for a night in October with around 80 in attendance. The Gospel was shared with dozens of students and hundreds were invited to the community of BSM. And there were two new believers by the end of the week. – Jeff Kennon, BSM Director

Texas A&M University - Commerce

For Engage 24 we had a 24 hour prayer chain from midnight Tuesday through midnight Wednesday, and we had over 50 student's names who we felt were not-yet-believers that we prayed for. Our students also had solicited prayer requests from students they knew and we had an overflowing shoebox full of requests that were prayed for. Because of several scheduling issues we actually did our Engage 24 emphasis on Wed. instead of Tues., and we concluded it with a free pancake event at the amphitheater on campus, where we fed over 180 students, most of whom sat around and visited for quite a while. Our students are learning to be more intentional and specific with faith-sharing conversations, and Engage 24 was a great encouragement. – Joe Schmidt

West Texas A&M University

Bible studies were held in all the resident halls and off campus as well as target groups. All groups increased doubled in size reaching approximately 240 students with the Gospel. We also had band outreach in which the entire WT band heard the Gospel and Greek outreach where about 30 students heard the Gospel. Many BSM students made connections with new students at the outreach Bible studies and who are now attending their community groups and continue to hear the gospel. - Buddy Young, BSM Director

Engage24 on Texas Campuses

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