Free coffee and Bibles

As the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, the atmosphere of UTA changes. It is different than the beginning of the semester, when students nervously try to find their classes in the summer heat. At the beginning of the semester, students are very willing to try new things, to take a flier, and to perhaps ask what you are doing and what your organization is about. They are eager to join organizations and make friends.

In November, students are settled into a routine and are less willing to stop and chat, or to accept a flier advertising a Bible study. To put it simply, they are comfortable. However, as followers of Jesus, we should not stay comfortable. Outreach to lonely believers and the lost on campus is important, no matter the challenges or season.

Handing out flyers about our Bible studies just didn't seem effective now, so we took a different approach. To break up the monotony of walking to class, we decided to offer something to put a pep in their step and truth in their lives: free coffee and Bibles. The outcome was encouraging. Many students who came by wanted a free Bible over free coffee, and some strangers revealed themselves as brothers and sisters in Christ. Students who otherwise would not have heard of the BSM were invited over a free cup of coffee, and were offered the life changing text of the Bible. We gave away over 50 bibles that day, and God knows the seeds that were planted and what will come of it.

Beth Dahl serves as a campus missionary through Go Now Missions at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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