Go Now Missions: A new understanding of Father

It is Ramadan here in South Asia. Ramadan is a month long fasting for Muslims. Honestly, it is epitome of a works based system. Islam is a spiritual power that exerts control over this time. Muslims are repressed into Islamic traditions. Many Muslims blindly follow strict fasting due to extreme fears.

Satan has strongholds on these traditions and fear. It is overwhelming the extent of darkness during this time. It is heartbreaking. This past week, my friend and I were invited into a Muslim home to break fast for the evening.

I was blown away by her interest in the Good news in HER home. She invited us in her home so she could invest and ask more questions. In the midst of the deepest darkness and strongholds, she was interested in the love of Jesus.

After eating, we were able to talk more about Jesus and life. She started to explain more about her family life. She explained she had a weak relationship with her dad. She said she was fearful and terrified of her dad. In that moment, God opened an incredible moment to share with her the impact of the Gospel message that she could tangibly relate.

We started to talk about our "earthly" dads and compared them to our "heavenly" father. We explained the perfect love and holiness our Heavenly Father has for each and every one of us, which then lead to a tangible portrayal of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit was working mightily in her home that night.

She started tearing up to the thought that there is a perfect Father that loves her so much that he would die for her. She said she was profoundly impacted by our message. We were able to give her a bible in secret. She explained she wanted to read and cherish it.

Pray for her today. Pray the love of Jesus will continue to impact her life in a profound way. Pray for her to be set free from Satan's bondage. Pray for her to have boldness and courage to seek Jesus.

By Rebecca, student at UT Austin. She is serving in South Asia this summer through Go Now Missions.

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