Go Now Missions: Purpose

I have had several of my close friends email me saying things like "I hope you're having a great time" or "I am so glad you're happy."

I am not here to have a great time.

Living here is not easy. I don't like being unable to understand anyone. Foreigners are not treated like celebrities here. I accidentally bought pig's neck lunch meat at the grocery store. I miss my family. I miss my Christian community. I miss everything I've ever known.

But I am not here to have a good time or because it makes me happy*. I am here in Russia for the same reason that I am here on Earth.

I am here because God created the world and everything in it perfectly. I am here because He gave man all he needed, but man committed sin and evil entered the world. I am here because God is holy and cannot tolerate sin, which separated man from God. I am here because God still loves man and He made a way that we can return to Him despite our sin. I am here because God sent His son who died and took on the entire world's past, present, and future sins. I am here because Jesus paid our debt and was raised from death on the third day. I am here because Jesus gave me a free gift of salvation that I could never deserve. I am here because I have allowed Him into my life and He changed it! I am here because this is the truth and every single person needs to hear of His incredible love for them!

Why are you here?

*As it just so happens, serving my savior in Russia does make me happy! It makes me happy because I know that this is where He wanted me this summer. The Father loves to bless His children! It makes me happy because He has chosen me to tell these people the greatest news they will ever hear!

By Kacy Patrick, student at Texas A&M University. This post originally appeared in her blog http://talithacumitorussia.blogspot.com/. She is serving in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer through Go Now Missions.

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