Go Now Missions: Seeing past the labels

Special needs boy, disabled boy, different boy...so many labels are attached to him by society confusing what he has with who he is. When I look at him I see him and his name is who he is. The limitations he has do not define who he is.

Of all the ministries I knew I would be apart of in Missions Centers of Houston, I would have never guessed that God would use me to minister to special needs individuals in a community where they are being ignored.

These past few weeks one of the focuses of our prayers has been God showing us how to minister to the special needs individuals in our community. God has definitely been hearing our pleads and responding according to His will. It has been incredible journey.

One of the individuals is in a mobilized chair. The first day he came my director called me to the sign-in table to meet him and his mom and let me know I would be working with him during Kid's Club.

After the introduction I started asking his mom questions regarding his health and what is required to best take care of her son. As I pushed him away from his mom and towards the other children in craft time, I was surprised at how I seemed to know the right questions to ask. I remembered praying as I approached her, "God I don't know what you're about to do, but have your way and help me be available to wherever this leads."

Through these past few weeks God has used me to interact with this boy and communicate with him. With every day of Kids Club that passes, he is more responsive.

I know it can't be me, because I have never worked with children before. I know it can't be me, because I have no knowledge of how to teach or training to interact with special needs children. I know it can't be me that would lead to such a quick growth in responses from him.

It is because of God. God is definitely good. My weaknesses are His, and His mercy is mine.

By Maria Castorena, student at West Texas A&M University. She is serving in inner city Houston, TX this summer through Go Now Missions.

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