Hunger for More

Thank you all for your prayer! I can see the mighty hand of God firing up the hearts of the town. As I took my seat next to the people that usually attend the evening Sunday service, I started seeing more people come in. I was surprised to see thirty people in the service! That is eighteen more people than usual!

What joy it was to see the church fill up! As the service was about to start, I started praying for each of their hearts and for God to open their eyes to the unconditional love and protection he offers to those who let Him.

This past week I had asked three of the kids from the program if they wanted to help me paint posters for the party I am planning for them. They were more than willing. They agreed to come early Saturday morning. I had them knocking at my door ten minutes before the appointed time.

Peru 1

As they were painting, Kevin said, "Miss Janet, tell me about Jesus". "What would you like to know?" I asked. "Everything," he responded, wide-eyed and ready to soak it all in. I told him about his birth, his love for the people, and his obedience to the Father. As he was painting and asking questions, I could see his hunger for more.

Many families here are broken. Most kids are raised by their grandparents or a mother that is never home. Many do not have a father in their home. Mothers are single and left alone to raise their kids and work. There is a deep need for a Father. They need to know that there is one who cares and wants to be their rock, protection, and provider.

I pray that you please keep praying for these people. Pray that they come to know the Father who will never leave them and will love them despite their faults.

By: Janet Ruiz University of Texas- Pan American, serving in Peru with Go Now Missions

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