Let Our Lives Burn for You

This past Sunday, after church, the pastor brought a small grill he wanted to use. He had never grilled in his life, and I had never started a fire in my life. This was a new experience for all of us. Using coal, wood, and cardboard, we tried to start the fire. The material would burn fast, but the coal would not light. It was embarrassing how long we took to finally get the coal burning. Once we got it burning, it continued to burn. This got me thinking about the church members.

Janet Ruiz 2 FinalI see members come to every service, but it is always the same people. I see no growth or true communion between the members, and no one wanting to step up and serve. It is a bit discouraging, but a flame of hope was sparked in my life.

Maybe the members are like coal? What if they require much more time and energy to light up? We must not give up and continue to pour into them. They might light up when we least expect it. I have assurance once they light up, they will not burn out.

I see many who know about God, but because of the actions of some of the church members, they decide to stay away from church. This is a problem. They respect the pastor, and his family, for what they do for the community. However, they do not dare step into a church service. God placed in my heart to prayer walk the town. Talking to people, I know that they want more. We must pray like never before and trust that God will open their eyes. It is my desire to see a church burn bright for God. Only then will the town be willing to hear.

By: Janet Ruiz University of Texas- Pan American, serving in Peru with Go Now Missions

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