Letter from Haiti student missionary

Bonjou zanmi m! Hello my friend!

Since my last update much has happened. I have spent more time in Fond des Negres and have been able to get to know some of the kids in our area. It seems nearly impossible for me to walk anywhere outside of my house without at least one child by my side. The children are so eager to give and receive love; they have so much joy. One thing they lack is discipline. The people in our area are so poor. Many of the children that come around our compound show signs of malnutrition and most don't have shoes or proper clothing.

I spent two and a half weeks in Grand Goâve at a different ministry called Lifeline Christian Mission. While I was there I participated in all of their ministries which include house building, food and clothes distribution, new mom ministry, handing out sponsor child gifts, and I helped in the clinic one day. I also got to observe a few classes at the school there.

Haiti Blog 2One of the days we visited a hospital and handed out Créole Bibles to and prayed with each of the patients and nurses. In addition to participating in the construction of a home I was also able to participate in the dedication of the homes we built. We also visited many different churches during the weeks and experienced different Haitian worship services. The passion Haitians have for the Lord is so inspiring.

After those two and half weeks I came back to Fond des Negres greeted by happy and familiar faces. Monday one of the little boys, Batime, had a pretty bad cut on his leg that needed attention. I cleaned and bandaged it. Since then I have apparently been deemed "nurse" Malicia.

On Tuesday, the Haitian pastor that works with us, brought me a little girl that hangs around and she had a deep gash on the right side of her forehead, it needed stitches. When we asked what happened, the pastor told that her mother had thrown a rock at her. This almost tore my heart into a million pieces. We asked him if we could take her to a hospital so she could get stitches and he said yes and accompanied us to fill out the paperwork. She is doing fine now and the pastor has spoken with the mother. I don't know how the conversation went. Pray that she comes into a personal relationship with the Lord and learns what true, Godly love is.

Prayer requests: Patience with the kids and their lack of discipline. Julie's mom

In Christ, Malicia

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