May Christ's mandate determine our work

Osvaldo Lerma, River Ministry Coordinator in Brownsville, TX and a few other River Ministry Coordinators were invited to go on a mission trip to Ciudad Victoria the Capital City of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico (about 180 miles from the Texas border) with Lakepointe Baptist Church. Lakepointe has been doing ministry for years in this town but they had not traveled on the road to this town for years because of the threats of violence. Recently the reports of violence have subsided. During the Spring many of the roads on the border that were once unsafe to travel were now free of violence and well protected by the Mexican Military. Because of this, Lakepointe decided to rent a charter bus to make the trip to Ciudad Victoria.

Osvaldo shared this about his trip:

During our mission trip I had to share a room with a young man who was part of the missionary group, and I questioned him about taking a risk to travel through Mexico if danger existed on the roads and in Mexico in general. His answer moved my heart and it also inspired me to encourage other Christians to live their faith and die for their faith in Christ. His response was, "I believe in the ministry that we are doing, and I believe that God has brought me here. I trust the vision that God has given my pastor AND I AM WILLING TO TAKE A BULLET IF IT IS NECESSARY."Those words challenged my heart regarding attitudes that Christians have today. The missionary work in Mexico today has been slowed because there is a fear of being injured or worse, but certainly God our protector can look after his children in harms way and in between periods of "supposed peace." He knows how to cover us in life and in death! May God help us put our whole trust in Christ and may Christ's mandate determine the work the church needs to do and not violence and fear. God is looking for workers willing to do anything for the glory of his name!

By Daniel Rangel, Director, River Ministry/Mexico Missions for Texas Baptists. Daniel leads ministry efforts on both sides of the Rio Grande River for the Texas Baptists. River Ministry has facilitated hundreds of teams ministering on both sides of the border.

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