Mission Drippin' - A model for community outreach

Mission Drippin' is a week-long community outreach ministry of First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs. Read about the practical ways that their church implemented this ministry, so you can similarly create a model like this in your church. Click here to read the background, mission and vision of Mission Drippin'.

The Practicals of community outreach through Mission Drippin':

Leadership: A leadership team is formed, placing a team lead with each ministry project for the week.

Kick-Off Worship Service: We have a worship and prayer service with the intent of preparing ourselves for a week of ministry.

Prayer Days: On Monday night, we have families volunteer their homes to host a time of prayer for their particular neighborhood in the community. Church members are invited to the closest host home so that each family is praying over their pocket of the community with the church members that live closest to them.

On Tuesday night, we have people meet at the area school with which they are affiliated (or live closest to), and pray for the faculty, staff, and students in that school.

Work Days: The main work project days are focused on Wednesday through Friday. We try to save Saturday as an overflow day for any project left unfinished. We also encourage Mission Drippin' participants working on different projects to meet up together somewhere for lunch wearing their "Mission Drippin" t-shirts. This is a fun and easy way to get people to ask about our church. We have projects and events both in the morning and in the evening as to accommodate various work schedules.

Celebration Worship Service: During the Sunday morning worship service, we encourage testimonies from various age groups about the impact of the week. We also show a video of the things that took place that week.

Every year we are amazed and humbled at the eagerness of our members to participate and serve. Many of them take time off of work in their nice air-conditioned offices, to work in the August sun clearing out bamboo in a public area, or landscaping for a single mom. We are continually touched by the testimonies coming from our youth and children. We are continually blessed by the depth of relationships that develop as a result of serving with one another all week. Our prayer is that each year, this event renews awareness of our mission as a church body within our community and inspires our people to continue Mission Drippin' every day as they live out their faith.

Craig Curry is pastor of First Baptist Church Dripping Springs. This is the second of two blogs on Mission Drippin', an outreach week through the church to reach the city of Dripping Springs.

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