North Texas Team Works in Piedras Negras

A team from Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, just completed a very successful health clinic in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. The team worked in cooperation with Iglesia Fuente de Vida and mission coordinator Gloria de la Pena to minister to the needs of the people of the city. The clinic was focused in the four areas of wheelchair ministry, eyeglass ministry, dental care, and health screening.

As a result of this clinic, 53 people received wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. Our dental team provided care for 120 people in cooperation with a great team of dental professionals from Piedras Negras. The health screening team checked the blood pressure and glucose levels of 96 people. Eyeglasses were given to 405 people. Most importantly, 70 people accepted Christ during the three day clinic.

This is our fifth clinic in three years in this city and we have found favor with DIF, the Mexican health organization, and hold the clinic at their facility each time. They cooperate by working with us to gather the applicants, set the schedules, and provide excellent daily support during the clinic. None of this would be possible without the upfront work done by the local coordinator, Gloria de la Pena. We have worked with Gloria for many years and have full confidence that she is preparing for the trip months before we arrive.

This year we brought all of our equipment and supplies for the clinic across the border with no interruption, because she had already spoken with customs and immigration officials to make them aware of our clinic. Some of these officials visited the clinic for eyeglasses and other services. Gloria is constantly aware of our security, health, cultural sensitivity, and witness to the Mexican people. With her help, our effectiveness is multiplied.

We stayed overnight in Mexico for the first time in several years during this trip. We all felt safe and were well taken care of. This allowed our team more time to minister and rest because we did not have to cross the border each day. We ate in our favorite local restaurants and traveled as we needed to the clinic, local attractions, the church, and the hotel. We listened closely to the advice of Gloria and others to maintain the highest possible level of security.

Through the local support of Gloria and Pastor Julio of Fuente de Vida we have gained favor with local government officials and God is blessing our work in this city. We are also grateful for the support of Juventud por Christo, our partner in ministry throughout Mexico. Our prayer is that God will allow us to continue the work in this city and give us vision and faith for our future work in Mexico.

You can view a video of this clinic by clicking here.