It is all possible

As I prepare for each lesson daily, I pray that God speaks through me and says to each child what he or she needs to hear. Each day that passes, I get closer to leaving. This makes me work harder because I want to make the most of my experience.

When I got here, I told each child that we were going to be learning a verse from the Bible each week. I told them it would be a total of 11 verses. They all looked at me and said, "Miss that is too much! I will never be able to memorize so much!" I told them, "I know you all are capable of doing so! Do not complain, just do it! How do you eat an elephant? You eat it one bite at a time. Just do your work and trust in God that he is going to give you the capability." They all laughed.

With that, I promised every boy who could tell me the 11 verses would get a remote control car and each girl would get a princess Barbie doll. At the mention of gifts I saw their confidence build up quick. I heard a couple of them saying "I'm going to do it! I know I can!"

Peru 2 It is possible

Each Monday I gave them a Bible verse. Before leaving class, we would repeat it over and over. We had one verse down, then five verses, and then 10. You should have seen their faces after memorizing 10 verses! They were jumping up and down saying, "We just need one more Bible verse!" Others were telling me that by the end of the following week they would tell me all the Bible verses.

The children were given their last memory verse this Monday. The class was not even over and already I had a line of children waiting to tell me all 11 Bible verses! At the end of that day, eight children had already told me their Bible verses. I was seeing some practice and others were helping their friends memorize the Bible verses. It was beautiful. Of my 20 children, 13 have already told me their Bible verses.

Their deadline is in two weeks. I am sure even more are going to tell me their Bible verses! It took one girl three times to finally tell me all of them. She nearly cried when she would mess up, but when she completed all of them, her face lit up. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the face of each child after they have told me their last Bible verse.

I know that most of the children are just memorizing the verses to get the gift. They do not know they are actually getting something much more rewarding than anything they could ever imagine. They are getting Words of life! I pray that, in time, God inscribes those verses in their hearts and brings light into their life. God has a purpose for all, and it is no coincidence he has placed me in the lives of these children. I know they are sure impacting mine.

By: Janet Ruiz University of Texas- Pan American, serving in Peru with Go Now Missions

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