How to seek God through frustration

GEORGETOWN - Frustration is a theme everyone will journey through at one point or another, according to Dave Edwards, keynote speaker for the Single Adult Rally on Apr. 5, "One is a whole number."

"Frustration occurs anytime our expectations and reality collide," Edwards shared with single adults from across the state.

Referencing Genesis 40, Edwards detailed how Joseph overcame a long season of frustration in his life to come to the point where God could use him most effectively.

"The Bible teaches us how to journey through this season and come out on the other side better than when you came in," Edwards said. "God uses these situations to shape us."

"We will all walk through a chapter 40 in our life," Edwards said. "The question is how will you respond when that happens?"

Edwards explained the importance of recognizing the work of God in the situation, refusal to compromise, and requesting courage during frustrating times.

"It is going to take the help of God to get us through what we are going through," he said. "Just because you can't see the work of God right now doesn't mean He is not working. In our life, for every chapter 40, there is a chapter 41. For every season of frustration, there is a season of fulfillment."

Organized by Keith Lowry, Texas Baptist single adult specialist, this was the fifth year for the conference to be hosted by Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown.

"Who completes you?" Lowry asked. "If you rely on a person to complete you, you are in a world of hurt. The only person who can complete you is the person of Christ. You can help others do that better when you have found that. Be sure you are seeking wholeness in the right place. We only find wholeness in Christ."

Single adults make up nearly 48 percent of the population across the country. Reaching out and ministering to single adults, as well as encouraging and supporting them is an important ministry for churches.

"I believe single adults are the largest unreached people group in Texas," said Tommy West, minister to single adults at Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown.

West led a breakout session during the one-day rally on the topic of "Ministering to Single Adults." He shared about experiences in his church that have led to a growing single adult ministry. Particularly, the church has found ways to meet the needs of many singles through bible studies for divorced adults, single parents, individuals overcoming co-dependency, and for many simply looking for a place to belong.

Additional breakout topics included looking at the Baby Boomer generation, rejection, listening, the leadership of Jesus, how to welcome single adults, and his brain/her brain.

For more information on single adult ministry, contact Keith Lowry at

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