Truck Stop Church (at least for a few minutes)

Recently, we were on a trip across Texas, something I love to do, especially with my family. Joanna was feeding Mary Kate in a Loves truck stop, sitting in the booths that were for the Subway restaurant. In this particular truck stop, the booths were right next to where all of the truckers came in. Rachel Beth was walking up and down the long bench by the windows and stopped at the other end. When she stopped, she began telling me to hurry because church was about to start.

Mommy asked her who was preaching today and she named a little boy in her class.This went on for a little while and it made me think. This was not church, or at least what we think of as church, but this was a place where countless people, including many truckers, were coming and going all the time. Maybe, just maybe, this is a place where we need a church -- perhaps there already is one.

One of the things we, as the modern church, have to do is free ourselves from the restrictive idea that church happens only in a building on Sunday mornings. I love attending church in a building on Sunday morning; I have spent the better part of my 34 years working in churches. Yet, there are people all around us who simply will not set foot in our buildings. Maybe someday they will, but that is not really the point I am making.

Begin to pray and think about where you and your church need to take church. Where do you and your church need to go to be the presence of Christ? Perhaps it is a truck stop, a park, a bowling alley, an apartment complex, or perhaps it is in your house.

Do we need to continue strengthening the body of Christ that gathers within our church walls? Yes, of course! That is something I work on everyday for churches of all kinds in our Baptist family. However, we also need churches in other places. Church today can no longer be put into a mold, rather it has to be both/and.

For more information about how your church can be involved in organic churches please contact Mario Gonzalez,, 214-828-5389.

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