Truett Elementary: God still cares

More than 96 percent of the students at George W. Truett Elementary School in Dallas are economically disadvantaged. Many of them come from refugee families who come to the area with very little. As a result, nearly 70 percent of them are considered "at-risk."

In many ways, the more than 1,000 students - above what other public elementary schools serve - who attend school there have been ignored. Until recently, the school buildings had become dilapidated. Portables meant to help the situation also became run down.

The start of the school year opens an opportunity for Texas Baptists to show these students that they have not been forgotten. That people care about them. That God still cares about them.

How can you make that happen? Through a partnership between the school, Texas Baptists, churches and Dallas Baptist Association, you can give to provide a Bible and a uniform for every student.

Your gift will help provide practical help for these families as well as spiritual encouragement.

Texas Baptists are called to be deeply rooted in Scripture as well as in their communities. Will you live out that calling today by clicking here to give?

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