Walked away with hope

A team from Texas Medical Center in Houston served alongside River Ministry Coordinator Vanessa Quintinilla in Mission and Port Isabella, Texas for spring break. They conducted medical clinics and participated in community outreach. The medical team was able to combine meeting both physical and spiritual needs throughout the week.

We were able to meet one lady who'd been in a car wreck three years ago and had been bleeding since then. Her friends and family suggested it might be menopause, but the doctors quickly rejected that. As a result of the bleeding, her husband had left her, which also led to her being depressed. She had no support system and felt like an outcast in her community.

After the doctors recommended that she get an ultrasound/ further treatment, Michelle, our associate who is also a professional counselor, talked with her a bit about her depression. Michelle suggested she find a support group. The church that met in the house we were serving at was hosting a women's small group that week! She walked away with hope finding a group of women who would love, accept her and point her to Jesus!

This story was submitted by BSM Director Andy Dennis.
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